success story

Success Story Extends to 38 Years

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The founder of the company has pledged that all manufactured products in his factory and all the materials used will be of the same quality as the materials used inside his home and provided to his family and children. That era was difficult to maintain the same standards with the increase in competition and the increase in alternative products, which are at the cheapest prices and the difference is almost unclear to the end consumer. Indeed, the company has survived all these years thanks to product quality and consumer confidence.

Tahhan considers himself entrusted with providing the best quality to all consumers of the company’s products. When the company expanded and began to reap the fruits of work with dedication and sincerity, the company began to expand its scope of work and increase its own products while maintaining its quality.

New products and divisions were added to the company, and at every stage of the company’s development, which increased consumer confidence in the name “Halwani & Tahhan”.

success story

After more than 30 years of hard work and sincerity, and the increase in diversity of the company’s products and fields of work and target markets to include (retail points of sale, wholesale, Hotels and aircraft catering). Opening branches of the company in all regions of the Kingdom, and the spread of products reaching the Gulf countries, the United States of America and European countries. The performance of the company was improving, and the company’s core principle was the reason for this improvement with an increase in consumer confidence. It is time for the second generation of Al-Tahhan family to engage in work to modernize the performance of the company, and open up areas and opportunities for the company in line with the renewal of the age and the vision of the youth. The children have grown up in a work environment since childhood and have been seizing any opportunity to go to the factory since childhood. The Children’s upbringing basics is to honor work and respect all employees because they are the ones who labored and sacrificed for the company. From this principle, the children were included in the company in basic positions and then received administrative tasks with the founder himself continuing to supervise all stages of production to ensure the continued quality of the product for consumer.

Now, after more than 40 years of joint success between management, workers and all sectors of the company, and the continuation of the promise between us and the consumer, we are still keen on daily supervision of all production stages and personally verifying the quality of production every day so that our products continue according to your confidence and aspirations.